About Us


AFS  was established in 2002, as a full service life safety / fire protection company. We meet insurance requirements, we possess Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) policies, and we have well-trained, certified, talented resources that respond to your needs in a timely manner.    


AFS encourages our team member's growth through personal and professional development to enhance the sustained growth of our company.  We engage in active partnerships with our clients to provide design focused solutions with an unyielding approach toward results.  While others are content with technical compliance, we are only satisfied with incident-free outcomes.  


AFS developed core values using one word descriptions and has made these the cornerstone of our philosophy.
Integrity |"Values must be demonstrated in the way you act and in the way you insist others behave." 

Respect | "For team members, customer concerns and the tools/equipment involved in the task at hand."
Trust | "Do what you say and say how you're going to do it."
Pride | "Pride in work and general company ethics. Craftsmanship, that I feel confident about my rendered services...that they meet or exceed NFPA, customer or AFS standards." 

Knowledge | "Commitment to enhancing job knowledge. AFS team members are the professionals in this field, we are not afraid of doing the homework to complete a job correctly."
Innovation | "Learn to adapt to change within a company, work with it, not against it, if a company is to grow, there must come changes.  Look for new opportunities don't become stagnant."